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Common disputes among business partners

Owning a business is one of the best ways to achieve financial freedom and complete flexibility when it comes to your time. In many sagas of successful businesses, partnerships and mergers are present. If you are living in the State of Florida and you are in a...

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How can businesses resolve disputes?

Disputes commonly arise between contracting businesses in Florida. These disputes might occur when the contracting parties might have differences of opinion or misunderstand their respective contractual obligations. Because of the potential for business disputes, it...

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What to know about time and materials contracts

Some construction projects are ambiguous. You go into them knowing that you will need to be flexible so that your client can make changes as the project goes on. Choosing a contract that corresponds to your project's needs can allow both parties the ability to make...

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What to know about formulating a contract

If you're going to enter into an agreement with another person or business in Florida, it's a good idea to put the deal's terms in writing. While it is acceptable to craft a contract using a template form, it is important to tailor its wording to your specifications....

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What to know about contracts

While it may be possible for a Florida judge to enforce a verbal contract, contracts tend to be easier to enforce when they are in writing. In some cases, an agreement must be in writing to be considered valid. It is important to note that written contracts must...

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