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Skilled Guidance For Appeals

While many people believe that a court’s decision is final, it is only the beginning of the appeals process. Filing for an appeal allows the appeals court to review the original case’s proceedings to determine if there were any legal errors. The appeals court will then decide if the original case should be sent back down to be reheard.

Filing an appeal and writing the brief, abstract and addendum is not a skill that every attorney has practiced. At GPG LAW, our skilled appellate attorneys have spent their lengthy careers handling litigation and appeals matters across Florida. Our zealous legal advocates will fight for you when a court’s judgment makes an error. Contact our Fort Lauderdale office now to learn more about how our appeals attorney can help you by calling 954-900-9565.

Handling All Aspects Of Appeals

Our lawyers help clients with all aspects of their appeals, whether we represented them in their original case or are taking over for another lawyer. Our close attention to detail and comprehensive legal knowledge allows us to create personalized legal strategies. We use creative legal strategies and will examine every angle to ensure that you get the best possible outcome for your appeal.

Talk With A Knowledgeable Litigator Now

It is essential that you contact our office as soon as possible if you are expecting your case to go to appeals. There are strict time limits involved in filing an appeal, and it is critical that you start the process early. By talking to one of our lawyers, you can learn how we can assist you in filing an appeal and how to move forward.

You can schedule your in-person meeting with our firm by using the contact form on our site or by calling us at 954-900-9565. Se habla español. On parle français.